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    I have those free K-Tags in the windshields of all of my vehicles – I can drive right through (and evidently I get a discount)! About two months ago I get a collection notice from a Texas company for $19.84 or so from the Kansas Turnpike Authority. Now, I have an account, and they charge me every month, but eh, whatever – I sent a check. About a month later I got another collection notice for $59.64. Doh! I set it aside to call, and about a week later, I get a refund check from the Kansas Turnpike Authority for $19.84. So I finally decide to call the collection agency on this second one today, and it’s for my Tesla. The collection agency is pretty confident that I owe, and that I will be paying them, so they want me to fork the money over right now. I tell them I am calling the Turnpike guys. They say “OK – then you will be calling us again to pay!” Got it! Turns out that the windshields in our Teslas have a layer of metal in them, which keeps the signals from being read. (Evidently this layer helps with defrosting evenly.) They said we can put them in the sunroof and that they OUGHT to be stuck directly to the glass – this increases readability. I just taped mine, because I figured I would move it to my next car – LIKE I AM EVER BUYING ANOTHER CAR!?!? What an idiot I am, now that I think about it! Anyway, I believe that ALL Telsas would suffer from this, and they offer a front license plate option or to try the roof, which I am going to do. Fair warning to you guys! And by the way, the Turnpike guys are going to straighten out the collection agency for me, but I think I’ll call back just to mess with them one more time . . . what do you guys think?



    I’ve installed the KTag sticker inside just under the mirror base in our model 3. I’ve, in all weather, traveled back and forth on I70 without incident. I have also registered my account with the license number (in case the reader doesn’t function correctly).
    This can be done at https://www.myktag.com This may mitigate the potential issue of the windshield blocking the signals.


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    the Model 3 doesn’t appear to suffer from this problem at all. We just had our Illinois I-Pass on the dash, no problems, but I did have problems with the Model S. There was a sweet spot as Warren says, to the right of the mirror, but before I found it, I would open the sunroof and hold it up there. It too will register the license plate if registered. I do think that Ktags has an external device (as does Illinois, where it is free) but I don’t think it is free, and we don’t have a front license plate to attach it to!

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