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    Here is the info I received in Email:
    Dear all,

    today it is our pleasure to inform all Club Presidents about our project Mr & Mrs T on tour. During the last 9 months we already had the pleasure to meet many of you personally in Europe as part of our tour. For those we haven’t met yet, please let us introduce ourselves.

    Our Story:

    Beginning of April 2018, we started an electric road trip with the mission to support sustainability. We quit our jobs and left our regular lives behind in order to explore the world in a Tesla. For 1-2 years we will travel Europe, Australia, Asia and North America along the Tesla Charging Network. While we use our own Model S in Europe, we will rent a local Tesla on the other continents. Thanks to the support of the myclimate foundation, the carbon footprint caused by our journey will be fully compensated.

    Our Mission in a Nutshell:
    • Travel the world in a Tesla, share inspiration and support a more sustainable lifestyle
    • inspire more people to switch to an electric car, grow the Tesla community as well as the Tesla Destination Charging partner network
    • share our hand picked hotel collection, personally visited and approved by Mr & Mrs T, where you can re-charge your own batteries as well as the batteries of your car
    How Do We Want to Achieve This?
    • We stay at hotels which offer a charging infrastructure and share our travel experiences on our website as well as via our social media channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
    • By providing inspiration to others and continuously demonstrating how easy and convenient it is to travel in a Tesla, we hope that more people will switch, making a first step into a more sustainable future
    • In coordination with the Tesla Destination Charging Team we raise awareness amongst the hotel industry and identify additional hotels and other destinations which should join Tesla’s Destination Charging program, supporting the growth of the global charging network
    • We meet with the local Tesla Owners Clubs and Tesla drivers in order to exchange, learn and share our story
    How Do We Work With Tesla?

    Just like you and many Tesla Owners, we support Tesla on a purely voluntary basis. There is no financial compensation. We left our professional careers and invest our savings for a better future of this planet. At some point, though, we need to generate an income again in order to pay our bills…
    When Tesla heard about us, they liked our idea and decided to document the start of our journey in form of a Tesla Customer Story. The movie is now online, also on Tesla’s website (for now across Europe). It was a very E-motional moment when we left our home. Many friends and members of the Swiss Tesla Owners Club with their Model X waved us goodbye!
    In January 2019 we will hold presentations at six Tesla Stores in the DACH region. Those events are organized by Tesla and you will be able to see them on the Tesla Event website (depending on your region). Tesla also launched a raffle to win a two-week Tesla road trip inspired by Mr & Mrs T on tour. For now, you need to be resident in the DACH region in order to participate.

    What Can You Do to Support Our Mission?

    Tesla officially admired our mission and to date we travel under the patronage of 13 Tesla Owners Clubs. If your Club also wants to support us, please let us know and we would be proud to add your Club to the list of Tesla Owners Clubs who support our mission . Please notice, there is absolutely no money involved, but as our journey continues, we would love to meet with you and your Club members as this is always one of the highlights for us!

    Given all Tesla owners and fans around the world play a key role in our project, it would be fantastic to spread the word together. We know that not everyone is in the position to travel the world like we do, but there is something everyone can do! Sharing our positive message across all social media channels – as this will support Tesla and it will keep us rolling! In today’s world any additional like, any comment and new social media follower makes a huge difference! It allows for a positive message to be heard by a larger audience. Therefore, we would be very grateful if you could share our story with your members, so that they are also aware. As said, every single person counts and everyone can make a difference!

    Please contact us directly regarding any question you may have. We will also share all questions and answers with all of you, so that you are all on the same page.

    Please Help Us to Spread the Word – All Around the World!

    Further below, please find all relevant links you may want to use on your website and social media channels. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any ideas, feedback or questions. We would love to hear from you!

    Other then that we wish you and your families as well as all Club members a very Happy New Year and positive energy, wherever you may travel.

    Many thanks and all the very best!


    Ralf & Nicole

    Mr & Mrs T on tour
    Stadtturmstrasse 19
    CH-5400 Baden

    mobile: +41 79 957 4735

    Follow us on:
    Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter


    Relevant Links:

    1. Tesla Customer Story Video Link to include the video on your website:

    Link to Video (Subtitle ENGLISH):
    Link to Video (Subtitle GERMAN ):

    2. Our social media links as text icons, which you could directly put on your website (eg below the video):

    Mr & Mrs T on tour website:
    Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

    or like this:

    3. Direct links to the information about Tesla and us, as well as the raffle (relevant for Germany, Austria and Switzerland):


    4. Direct links to the Tesla Customer Story Posts for sharing:

    LinkedIn Tesla Customer Story Post:
    LinkedIn Tesla Raffle Post: (relevant for Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

    Leanne Wiedemann

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    Interesting. I say we should join in?

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