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    I went by this location a few weeks ago – and some electricians were running the initial wiring. One of them told me that they were putting in 1,200 amps of power there and that he thought the charging stations would be live around the middle of May. There were no Tesla pumps installed (or whatever they are called!) and 1/3 of what you see there today was even on site, I think. I did go by today around 11am, and what I noticed is that the landscaping has been done. There is still a couple inches of blacktop that need to be placed near the curb line, but other than that, Olathe looks like it is installed and ready to go.
    The Mission location has been even more done, but I haven’t been by there in a week or so. It looked completely built, but I am not sure if the light posts were put up, which might be the last thing to do there. Someone even posted a picture of the meter powered up – with all zeros across it.
    I’m glad that we are getting two superchargers in the area – this is really great for Tesla owners. I’m seriously looking to buy additional Teslas now.
    We might find out when these go live by looking in the app in the charging section – it lists several closest chargers to you. For me, it is Independence and KC, MO; both about 20 miles away. Once these two open, I should have two within 8 miles. I’ve heard that Tesla thinks they will double the number of superchargers in the next year – that is going to be GREAT!


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    I drove by and checked it out this past weekend, they look ready to go, but still not turned on just yet.

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