• Warren posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Just drove our model 3 from Olathe to Chicago for the weekend. Put on 1,200 miles more than 1,150 of those miles on AutoPilot. The AutoPilot isn’t perfect, but it is impressive when stuck in Chicago traffic.

    The routing took us to Superchargers in Columbia, Springfield and then we had a destination charger at the hotel (Hotel charger was free). On the way there, we had horrible rain, and our phones received warnings, twice, about flash flooding warnings. This increased our battery consumption by about 10%. But still we did okay with only the two charges en route. NOTE: Illinois rates at the supercharger are about three times as much as KS, MO, IA In Springfield it cost us $14 to fill, while at Columbia it was less than $4.

    The way back we drove I88 and charged in Davenport, then Des Moines before arriving home. Had no issues making it on only two stops. One stop 30 minutes the other about 45 using the superchargers. Iowa chargers are about the same cost as in KS/MO so much less expensive. But, there’s always a but, the I88 is a toll road so there was additional cost for the tolls. (about $8 or so all together for tolls)

    Car handled great, power charging locations were good and had restrooms, food and things to do while waiting. Look for destination charging at the hotel. That was great to have free Tesla ports (two of them)

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