• For Sale: Set of 4: 21” Gray Turbine Wheels for Model S with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires (1/2-2 seasons left YMMV) ** see photo**

    $2100 for 4 wheels and 4 tires; Tesla branded mats, regular tire totes included.

    Option: Tesla branded tire totes substituted for additional $75 cost.

    NOTE: These will NOT fit a Model 3.

  • Purchased my Model 3 in November 2018 and my connectivity ends today (12/31/2019). I got on the website and added my information and it will renew on 1/1/2020 and is billed monthly for $9.99.

  • I bought two of the slender Black tumblers and they are really nice and each come with a straw. Very pleased with the quality.

  • Bought it as a gift and it is running small for the size. Never worn, only tried on. Sells for $75 in store, selling for $60. Cash.

    Here is a link to the zip hoodie in the Tesla store:

    Never got around to sending it back during return period after buying as…[Read more]

  • Hi Dan!

    Thanks for volunteering. How long and which day(s) do you want to help out? Excited to hear you want to participate.

    Please send me your name and email address to and I will get you registered and give you an update on how to get the free entrance ticket.

  • Zach! Sorry I took so long….I got in the middle of a reply and got interrupted and forgot to press send! That would be great! Let’s get you signed up with your Model 3! Can you email me at skmehl AT yahoo DOT com and I will send you the link!

  • We have been invited to bring a few vehicles to the Kansas City Maker Faire on June 22 and June 23rd. We will have a chance to share our love of our Teslas to about 15,000 PEOPLE over two days time! ***A great way to hand out a lot of referrals and have fun!!!***

    Never been to Maker Faire? Watch this short video:…[Read more]

  • Really would like to go to this event, however, I have 1 day of vacation I could take for it (otherwise will be dipping into the Honeymoon time and that’s not cool). Has anyone gone to this event before? I’m curious how long it actually took versus what the car said. I am also supposed to be on call that weekend so that throws a possible wrench…[Read more]

  • Wondering if you thought about “KC Tesla Owners Club” — it would allow larger letters than the 1st one and allow Tesla Owners to be larger than the last one.

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  • It’s 33 outside and 1:30 in the morning sitting at the Independence Super Charger. Had to make an unexpected stop in Independence after leaving Clinton due to a big drop in battery —- went from 10% down to 3% so we rerouted to Independence. Sitting here charging we are hearing sounds under the car carriage that sound like metal popping. Is this…[Read more]

  • Yep that makes sense. I bought an extra “card key” for my son to use so he didn’t have to mess with logging in and out. Thanks!

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    Hi Trent, I didn’t see that you had a reply so here is a link just in case you haven’t found the place to pay the dues:

    Membership Levels

  • Sharon posted a new activity comment 1 year, 8 months ago

    Warren, thanks for posting. Good information there about rates.

  • I agree with Leanne.

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