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  • What is the expected life span of the stock tires? I am just over 13k miles and seem to be at a point where the I want to consider changing them in the next 6 months which just seems a pretty low mileage considering I do not have the performance model. I have the regular M3 DM.

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    For my second tire rotation, I went to Costco. The South OP location uses Nitrogen fills only so I got a N2 conversion done along with the tire rotation. It does make the the handling just a tiny bit better although you won’t notice the difference most of the time. However what you will notice is that the tire pressure stays constant for far…[Read more]

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    [quote quote=2327]Next time please consider taking photos of the process and sharing in an Article here for our Articles section.[/quote]

    Tesla’s official website had good photos of the whole process and I was following those, so didn’t take photos of my own work. Well, lesson learned that everything is not as it seems so I will take your advise…[Read more]

  • So I replaced the cabin filter(s) using ones that I had bought from Amazon. The good news is that it was successful and the amazon filters were identical to the Tesla ones in every way at a much lower price.

    One snag I ran into was removing the electrical connector for the speaker in the foot well cover. Could not figure out how that gets removed…[Read more]

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    The Discount Tire Company located at 151st & Antioch (near Target) did it for free not only for me but also for my brother-in-law. They hope that you will be a return customer for tires in the future.

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