TOC KC - Our Mission:

Our Mission is to provide Tesla Owners and Enthusiasts in the Kansas City and surrounding area a home for all Tesla related information, activities and interaction.  We are more than just a car club because we realize it isn't just about Tesla, it is about the people as well.  Our goal is to have members helping members to maximize their experiences with Tesla.

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Our members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences to share their enthusiasm for the Tesla brand.   The club tries to provide a variety of events that will appeal to our diverse population of club members as well as events where non-members can participate to determine whether or not the club may be right for them.   We strive to be inclusive, not exclusive in our philosophy.

The club achieved officially recognized status from Tesla at the end of 2017 and is attempting to grow and expand our presence in 2021 and beyond.   Please use one of the methods provided on this site to join the club or contact us for more information.

Please consider donating to help the club raise the funds to pay for a new club tent to be used at various functions by clicking the button below!

Ghost Hunting at Belvoir Winery
Belvoir Winery Spooky Fun!
KC Auto Show 2020
The Great Car Show 2020

Next Steps...

To become an official club member requires paying your annual dues.   Official membership brings with it many perks and privileges such as Members Only events and discount on Tesla products.