UPDATE 3/10/2020:  It seems our event was a success.   Not only did we provide over 130 rides in Teslas to interested individuals, but we spoke to hundreds more and some of them went on to visit the Tesla store and purchase a new Tesla!   We have also been receiving some post event press coverage so I will list some of the links here.

Elektrek Article: https://electrek.co/2020/03/10/tesla-banned-kc-auto-show-owners-volunteer/

Clean Technica Article: https://cleantechnica.com/2020/03/08/dealership-association-excludes-tesla-from-kansas-city-auto-show/

KCTV5 Video : https://www.kctv5.com/news/local_news/why-tesla-vehicles-aren-t-at-the-kc-auto-show/video_1cf836d7-c69e-5b21-a4f5-7306b1615014.html

Photos and Videos from the Event: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AnFEAPfekja9gvFwNcXP7hRqJw9XBw?e=O2mRkk


Our Mission: Provide information about and demonstrations of Tesla vehicles to the public, including rides and drives as appropriate

History: In March 2019 two different privately owned Teslas were kicked out of the KC Auto Museum’s display at the KC Auto Show.  You can read a press article about it here: The Drive – Tesla Cars Ousted from KC Auto Show

Action: The Tesla Owners Club of Kansas City is teaming up with Tesla holding a 2 Day event alongside the Kansas City Auto Show on March 7th and 8th 2020.  Several Tesla cars will be on display and owners will be present to answer questions about life with a Tesla.  Tesla will also be present and will be providing drives in Tesla cars for members of the public.

Tesla is  no longer able to attend because the State of Missouri has a law that states that dealerships cannot participate in events further than 10 miles from their place of business and the auto show is 11.3 miles away from Tesla.

Join Us:  If you would like to participate in the event then please sign up for either/both days via the club’s calendar here:  Day 1 and Day 2

Location: Public Parking Lot at 1210 Broadway Street in Kansas City, MO, right next to Bartle Hall where the Auto Show is being held.

Questions?: Contact Us

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