Why Join?

Why should you join the Tesla Owners Club?

Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider joining the Tesla Owners Club:

  • ≡ Officially sponsored by Tesla – You can find a complete list of chapters at www.tesla.com/ownersclub
  • ≡ Members receive a discount code from Tesla for up to 25% off Tesla merchandise (can more than offset the cost of membership)
  • ≡ Access to Members Only Events such as our annual Holiday Party, Tesla Tech Events, Tesla Delivery Events and Product Unveilings (Members went to Cybertruck Unveiling in Los Angeles in Nov 2019)
  • ≡ Members Only sections of this website including some How To Articles and Community Forums
  • ≡ National and Regional Events for TOC Members
  • ≡ Alerts and Updates from Tesla via new TOC Members Only forums at Engage.Tesla.com
  • ≡ Opportunities to join exclusive groups such as the Early Access Program to receive software updates for your Tesla sooner
  • ≡ Camaraderie with fellow Tesla Owners and ability to help each other get the most from your Tesla ownership experience
  • ≡ Access to internal Tesla resources through TOC program
  • ≡ More to come!

Joining is EASY – Simply Click Here