Repairing your Tesla Bodywork


  • Great write up Ken! I remember you mentioning the damage you took at Crown Center. For all Tesla owners, I recommend always parking in the EV parking there, even if you don’t need to charge. It’s just safer, and the spots are never full! I usually run in for food and then run out, as our warehouse is located close by, so I don’t use up the spots for more than about 10 minutes. Glad you got it fixed. I also got a quote from Eveland for some Tesla work and got it repaired for about 1/2 elsewhere and didn’t have to wait 2 months to get it into them! Thanks for the thorough review of the shop you used. I’m going to call them tomorrow about a limo I need worked on.

  • Teslaken

    Glad the article helped and please tell Bruce you saw this article and referral. Sadly the new Sentry mode hasn’t come out yet or I could have nabbed the person who did it!

  • Leanne Wiedemann

    I read this a while ago, but decided to come back in and give my endorsement to Bruce Whitney’s services on our Model S — He had his paintless dent repair guy take dents out of my hood (black walnut bounce?) and our driver’s door (random dent from something bounced up on I-35) and can’t tell! Thanks Bruce!

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