Halloween Fire Skulls Report

So like many of you I ordered a couple of Halloween Skulls from DealCrit on Facebook.   For those who have received their skulls know the same thing I discovered, the skulls are TINY!  See the below image with ruler to see the size that I and others have been sent.  Please note the pictures and video on the DealCrit site and Facebook page clearly shows a human sizes skull being picked up with 2 hands.  That’s NOT what arrived:

I have reached out to all of the contact email addresses provided on the Dealcrit website and Facebook page and in almost a week have not received a single reply.  I paid via PayPal so I opened up a dispute with PayPal.  I saved the sticker from the package and it says the following:  (part of label worn off) SF — JIANGXINGDASHA_DONGBIN
PHONE: 8615956663000  – I have not tried to call as I don’t speak Chinese.

So I decided to see if one of these mini skulls was fireproof afterall so we placed it into a firepit and turned on the firepit.  Here are pictures showing what happened:

First as you can see the white coating on the outside of the skull caught fire and burned, I’m assuming that was whatever it was painted with.

The burned skull then turned almost completely black and a hole opened up in the top along with major cracks

The black soot eventually burned off leaving only a while skull filled with cracks and collapsing upon its own weight ( and they don’t weigh much)

Here is a flash photo after turning off the gas, as you can see the whole thing is a chalky white with a bit of black soot in places and split wide open.

I took a non flash photo to capture the glow from inside the skull and show the extent of the cracking and collapse.  The skull was a total loss.  Upon cooling it was extremely brittle and basically fell apart on its way to the trash can.   All was not lost however!  I went to a local Spirit Halloween store (please donate to the Spirit of Children Foundation while at the store) and purchased a set of Fire Skulls from Spirit.   They were a little more expensive ($35 regularly but I used a coupon and got them for under $30), but they are full sized and they are ceramic which should stand up to a fire pit.  (I will test this weekend).

See the comparison in size and materials!

I hope everyone who ordered from dealcrit will get their money back from an obvious scam.   If you have any questions just let me know!

UPDATE: 11/04/20

First, the skulls from Spirit Halloween stood up to my fire pit just fine, some light carbon soot on them in some places but that wipes off, even with the fire pit cranked on high it didn’t faze these ceramic full sized skulls from Spirit Halloween.

Second, I finally heard back from PayPal after I escalated my dispute to a claim and then Shengue responded saying if I would send the skulls back they would give me a refund.  I called PayPal and finally got to an agent (that was some work) and then explained to the agent exactly what was going on.   In order to alleviate me having to send the item back to China (if even possible), PayPal offered me about 80% of my money back as a one-time PayPal credit that could be used for up to 6 months.  I went ahead and accepted that since it was unlikely that I would see anything else back at all.  Almost immediately the funds showed up in my PayPal account and I can use them as I would any other PayPal funds, except I cannot withdraw them as cash which is fine with me as I use PayPal from time to time to buy things.

Hope this helps others out there!




  • john smith

    This site is a total scam (dealcrit) – the guy sends plastic skulls, and only offers half a refund. It’s a PayPal shipping scam as he tracks the delivery. The only way to beat this guy’s PayPal scam is to file a PayPal dispute and say you received a package with worthless packaging and no skulls (you have to basically scam the scammer) if you request a refund, or say you received the “wrong item”, you’ll have to ship the plastic skulls back to china – insured! – and hell never say he got them. and you’ll lose all your money after 30 days. I filed a PayPal report, said I received a package (with no cement skulls – only packaging and worthless plastic) – not technically lying…;) and I got to keep the crappy plastic skulls and got all my money back this way… posting this here for others to find dealcrit scam on the internet…

  • Dawn Messenger

    I also ordered and received small, light skulls that didn’t stand up to fire. Took it up with PayPal and was told to send back in original condition which was not possible. Lost my money, so it was a costly mistake.

  • Sherry

    I also got scammed by this company. 1st I thought it was a legit company seeing how it said on Facebook it was based in California. 2nd the skulls I received where not 9″ life like as posted on their site but 3″. I ordered 10 to get 5 free. I was giving 5 of them to my son and keeping 10 for myself. I only recieved 9 of the tiny skulls. 3rd I contacted PayPal who said I had to reach out to the seller (which I did) they never responded. 4th I now contacted PayPal to open a claim (now the company responds). 5th I am to return the items and I must pay for shipping. Why am I paying for shipping. They sent the wrong shit. 6th they also sent me a return address in Chinese (USPS will not accept it unless it is in English). 6th PayPal doesn’t make anything easy (I will no longer use PayPal). 7th I have until Nov 6th 2020 to return said items. 8th I don’t normally say what I paid for items but I shelled out $184.90 for these skulls. 8th thanks to the clerk at the Post Office if I don’t get satisfaction from either PayPal or DealCrit I will open a claim with my credit card company. 9th Beware, they are still selling on Facebook
    Thanks for posting. I will be sure to do my homework from now on before I buy online. Definitely check ratings

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