Hansshow Model 3 Power Hatch Install – Part 2

Whoops!  I meant to publish part 2 of this article months ago when the installation process was still fresh in my memory but somehow I missed doing so and my apologies for that.  This means, of course, that I’m going to have to author this content from a 6 month old memory as best as I can.   As I mentioned in the first part we had completed most of the physical installation process and really what was left was the wiring and hooking items up.  Let’s look at a few pictures and I will describe what they are about:


The first photo above it about taking the insulating wire cover off, you will end up splitting this with a sharp knife (careful not to cut wires inside) and later taping it back up as it is really the only good way to get the wiring loom from Hansshow through it.  The next couple of images involve installing the new automatic trunk latch and its wire runs down to the master control box from Hansshow that we decided to install near the subwoofer in the fender well.   The last image shows the connectors at the trunk latch switch on the hatch.

The images above were really all about feeding that wire loom through the rubber sleeve that we had to splice open and getting one end into the hatch and the other into the trunk to lead to the master control box in the fender well.  We used a guide wire that we strapped to the wiring loom via electrical tape and pulled hard to get it through.  It took a lot of effort but we got it through.  Then it became a simply matter of connecting up to the trunk switch and latch on the hatch door on one end and then to the master control box on the other.   The wiring loom also connected into the trunk light LED.   The struts themselves connect directly to the master control box.

At this point really the only other electrical item I recall was having to run the power line from the rear trunk well to the front battery compartment.  Sadly I cannot find any picture of this process so I will describe it.  From the trunk well you run the wire forward along the passenger side of the car.  Removing the trim piece next to the rear seat will show you where to guide the wire (along with other wires that are there from the factory) and it becomes a matter of running the wires under the plastic trim pieces in the rear footwell, along the side of the front seats and front footwell to come out above the front footwell at the firewall where you will punch through a rubber grommet in the firewall that allows you access to the front trunk area where the 12 volt battery is.  You add the short wire with quick fuse disconnect to the battery and then plug the wire from the main control box into it to power up the control box.   Once powered there is an LED light on the master control box and you should be able to hold down the new trunk release button that was installed to hear a series of beeps that relate to the opening and closing speed.  (There is a video of this on the Hansshow website).

Video Nov 10, 3 20 56 PM

The rest of these photos are just random ones that I had in the folder with all the other photos and may have been taken by others that supplied them to me later.  Hopefully they may show some additional information that the reader will find useful.   A couple of points of note.  We did have to do some adjustment to the powered latch mechanism to make sure it was grabbing and pulling down the hatch.  There are adjustment screws on each side and once we repositioned those then the hatch was grabbed every time, initially there were some times it would grab and other times it would not, so if you run into that issue just make the adjustment to the latch mechanism with the adjustment screws.   Once that was done it worked perfectly every time and I recently asked the owner if it was still working fine and she said yes so it seems that after 6 months of regular use that this product works well and that the owner is enjoying it.  I don’t know if Hansshow is still offering our club a discount, but it doesn’t hurt to ask, just mention that you saw these articles and that you are a member of the Tesla Owners Club of KC.   If you have additional questions please feel free to contact me directly and I will do my best to answer them.

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