TOC KC License Plate Frame

We have some new license plate frame options available to members of the Tesla Owners Club of Kansas City.   These are custom made solid stainless steel license plate frame (not plastic like the factory ones) and come in a variety of finishes (polished, powder coated, etc.)   We can get a discount on these plate frames if we order in bulk, which means we’d like to submit everyone’s order at the same time.   I believe we need a minimum of 10 for a discount so if you’d like to get one or more plate frames (can be different finishes for each) then you need to sign up for our group buy in the forums.  Click here to add yourself to the group buy:

I went ahead and ordered one of the frames powder coated black with the laser etching so that’s what I am installing in this article.   Here is how it arrived, in a nice package which I just opened to take out the hardware items that come with it.

The package also comes with a detailed set of installation instructions, here they are in case anyone throws away their packaging and then later needs them:

So the first couple of steps are to attach the rubber bumpers to the lower license plate holes and then the rubber O-rings with adhesive to the upper license plate holes as shown in the following picture:

Then in the front side you pass the license plate screw through the plastic nut cap piece, through the plate and o-ring and into the trunk lid of the car:

But wait!  The tiny (short) screws included with my Model 3 were too short to pass through all these items and then have much of the screw left for attaching to the car as show in the following picture that shows how little of the screw protrudes:

That’s not going to hold!  So I went and got 2 screws that were the same diameter but about 3/8″ longer leaving plenty of screw to be screwed into the plastic receiver on the trunk deck:

Once the two top screws are tightened down you simply snap the screw cover cap closed to provide a nice clean finished look.   The lower rubber bumper pieces lined up with the lower plastic and keep the plate frame from touching the paint of the car, thus preventing any damage and any rattling.

Here is the finished product.  The whole time to complete this should be 10 minutes or less.  I had to take a little longer because I was taking pictures and I had to go find 2 longer screws.  If you received short screws from the factory then you should probably go purchase a couple of longer screws before ordering yourself a new plate frame because when it comes you will need them!  (I keep lots of random hardware around)

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