Tuxmats for the Model 3

I am a bit surprised that there aren’t more all season floor mat options for the Model 3.  Usually aftermarket suppliers get cars early so or are allowed access to cars to take measurements etc. so that by the time the car is in the market there are items available for it.  So why has it been so hard to find good mats for the Model 3?  I don’t know why, but I do know that there is now a good set of mats available from a company called Tuxmat.   A local Model 3 owner received one of their first production sets and was very happy with them so I decided to order a set for myself.  With kids and a dog that sheds just by looking at it, there was never a shortage of items for my shop vac to clean up out of the Model 3.  I received my mats today and installed them and decided to craft this article to help others who might be considering the same purchase.  Let’s get started.   (My total time for the install was less than 30 minutes and I was taking pictures, the job could probably be done in 10 if you hurried but there is no need to… btw clicking on photos will take you to the full size image)

Mats Unboxed

I was told to unbox the mats and let them stretch out a bit before installing.  I did this while reading the installation instructions included with the mats.   The instructions were quite good and I will try not to repeat them here but rather cover some items not in the instructions or items which I think could be helpful during an install.  I do suggest you read the instructions.   The first step is to take out your old mats and place your drivers seat as far back as it will go.   Interestingly enough when I held the seat button to make the seat go back it went back and then stopped, I thought it had gone back all the way, but I tried the button a second time and it went back another 1/2″ or so.   Did I not hold the button all the way the first time?  I wasn’t sure until when I did the passenger seat the same thing happened on the passenger side.  I’m not sure why the Model 3 seats do this but in my car it actually took 2 button presses to get the seats back all the way.   The following photo shows my original mat after 6 months and 12,000+ miles of use and my drivers seat all the way back:

Old Mat Out, Seat Back

The next step is to simply insert the drivers side front floor mat into the car, tucking it under the brake and accelerator pedals.  The mat I received was a good fit for the footwell and really didn’t require much flexing to make the mat fit properly.  I understand that if these sit in their packaging for awhile that may need to be flexed out a bit before install.  Since mine were hot off the press so to speak this mat was just fine.

Test fitting Drivers mat

See the hole in the Drivers side mat? It is there for a purpose.  An anchor will be mounted to the carpet below and used to hold the mat down, which I will cover momentarily.  The dimensions and edges all laid down pretty flush and the only area that needed a little tweaking was up above and to the right of the accelerator pedal.   I thought the rubberized heel rest area was a nice touch since that area takes the most wear and tear from your shoes.   The next step is to mark the carpet underneath the mat with chalk or some sort of marker to show you where to mount the anchor:

Marking carpet with chalk

Once the carpet was marked I pulled up the Tuxmat to reveal the carpet underneath and I set the anchor next to the spot to take the following photo.   Notice that the anchor has a long nail that gets poked into the carpet and then the anchor is slid into place:

Carpet mark and anchor

In the following photos I have mounted the anchor to the carpet then set the mat back down on top of the anchor so that it protrudes through the mat.  Once it sticks through the mat you turn the anchor 90 degrees to lock it into place and secure the Tuxmat to the floor of the Model 3.

Anchor Mounted into Carpet
Anchor turned and latched to hold mat down

The next step is to attach clips anywhere along the mat where you think you need the mat held more firmly in place.   For my installation with the Drivers side mat the primary area was above and to the right of the accelerator pedal.  I ended up installing two clips in this area as shown in the following photos.  Tuxmat gives you lots of clips, I tried to go for a minimalist install, meaning I wanted to use as few clips as possible.  My rationale for that was that if I needed to remove the mats it would be faster the fewer clips that were holding the mat in place.

Clip attaches to edge then slides behind something
Two clips near accelerator pedal

With the right side of the mat now where I wanted it the other spot that I thought needed a clip was along the side of the mat that goes between the seat and the door sill near the seat controls.  I found this piece just didn’t want to stay in place very well without a clip so I added a clip in this location as shown in the following photo:

Clip along side extension piece

Here is a photo of the finished Drivers Side Tuxmat with the seat moved back forward into my regular driving position:

Drivers Side Complete

After testing the accelerator pedal and brake pedal just to make sure nothing was hanging up on the mat (plenty of clearance no problems!) I then turned my attention to the passenger side front mat.   Like the drivers side you pull out your factory mat and put the passenger seat back all the way and then test fit the passenger mat.  Here is a photo of the test fit:

Passenger side test fit

The passenger side fit was not as good as the drivers side, namely the left side of the mat was not sitting flush up against the center console of the car.  Here is a closer photo to show you the gap created by the amount of flex in the mat:

Passenger side flex

My initial thought was that I would simply put some clips on the mat and tuck them under the center console plastic.  However, it won’t work that way, at least not with the clips delivered from Tuxmat.  The Tuxmat clips are designed to clip on the edge of the mat and then stick upwards our outwards from the mat, not downwards or inwards.   The center console plastic and carpet mating only allows for clips to go in one way, DOWN.  I contacted Tuxmat and their suggestion was either to flex the mat outwards to get it to line up better, or put velcro on the back side of the mat and stick it to the carpet on the center console.  I tried flexing the mat and it still was a good 1/2″ or more away from the center console and I was sure something would catch on that edge or my kids would drop something behind there, perhaps even my Tesla credit card key would get lost in there!  I decided instead to customize a clip from Tuxmat, the following photo shows what I had in mind:

Bending the clip

I decided to bend the clip downward.  In the photo above I was simply using my finger and thumb to bend it for photo purposes.  What I did after that was to take the clip over to my bench vise and bend the clip right at the junction point where the tab meets the clip and in a downward direction as shown in the photo above.   This allowed me to insert the tab of the clip downward behind the center console carpet and yet still clip it onto the top of the mat edge just like other clips used in the installation.   I’ve sent these photos to Tuxmat and asked if they would please make some clips of this type and include them in future sets.  I could have installed multiple customized clips but again for simplicity sake I’ve added one to start and if I deem more are necessary I will add more later.

Custom clip in place

I also added a clip at the same point near the seat controls as shown on the drivers side install, I just didn’t take a photo of that clip.   Next I turned to the rear seat Tuxmat.   This requires that you take out your original mat and now move both seats all the way forward as shown in the following photo:

Rear mat removed and seats forward

The rear mat went into place the easiest of all mats and although it says you can put some clips in to hold it down I ended up not using any clips at all, simply pressing the mat down and into place around the edges and against the seat.   Here is a picture of the rear mat installed:

Rear Tuxmat installed

That completed the installation of the Tuxmat all weather floor mat set for the Model 3.   Overall I was very pleased with the fit and finish.  I later picked my kids up from school including my son from football practice and the mats immediately kept his dirty cleats from getting anything dirty.  I did not notice anything unusual when driving, no discomfort for my feat, no strange sounds, no impact to driving whatsoever, not that I really expected any but I wanted to state that I’ve now driven the car for a few hours with these mats installed and they work as good as they look.   If you have any follow up questions please leave them as a comment below and I will do my best to answer them.  Thanks for reading!

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